IMIA Academic Representative
Prof. Dr. Petra Knaup
Deputy Director, Institute of Medical Informatics




Major medical informatics research topics in Heidelberg are: structured patient data for

  • medical information systems and data models
  • patient participation in research and care
  • the Medical Data Integration Center (MeDIC)
  • digital health in research and care
  • structured entry and transformation of biomedical data
  • imaged-based decision support in diagnosis and therapy

Our research often takes place in projects which are interdisciplinary, e.g. in cooperation with ·clinics and institutes of Heidelberg University Hospital and the Medical Faculty Heidelberg. · Various research centers inside and outside Heidelberg University  · Enterprises

Medical Informatics program of Heidelberg University / University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn: Bachelor and Master programme

Medical Informatics in the Medical Program Heidelberg University Supervision of Theses (, Dr. med.), Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Dugas, Prof. Dr. Petra Knaup

Master program Medical Informatics in Santiago de Chile

We participate in the “International Partnership in Health Informatics Education” (IPHIE).