Head Office:
Abdulaziz Jurashi, Executive Manager
P.O.Box 90394
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 11613

IMIA Representative and President:   
Dr. Riyad A. Al-Shammari

Dr. Abdullah M. Al-Rabeah

Founded: 02 May, 2005  Membership: 220

The Saudi Association for Health Informatics (SAHI)
SAHI is the main of organizer of the Saudi e-Health conference . In addition SAHI is responsible to:

  1. Develop the scientific knowledge in the field of health information and develop and activate that knowledge.
  2. Make scientific contact for the association members.
  3. provide the scientific consultation (in the field of specialty).
  4. develop the scientific and vocational performance for the association members.
  5. facilitate the exchange of scientific production and scientific thoughts in the fields of interest of the association with other respective committees and establishments inside and outside the Kingdom.
  6. Prepare the general controls of the career ethics.
  7. It will be the umbrella for those working in the scientific field to make use of the health information applications in the medication and e-teaching application in the medical field.