IMIA GA Representative
Dr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin





The Thai Medical Informatics Association has its beginnings as a medical information and public health club of Thailand, abbreviated as CPSC or TMI, which originated in 1991 by the initiative of medical professors who saw the importance of bringing technology. Computers for medical use. In 1991, there was a meeting of the Medical Consortium and it was proposed to have a working group in the field of Medical Informatics from the ideas of Prof. Dr. Atthasit Vejjajiva and Prof. Dr. Phisit Sanhaphithak suggested to set up a club first. In 1991, there was an academic meeting of these people. which has both doctors Medical personnel and other interested persons up at Khon Kaen University There was a crowd of audience members in the meeting room. And there is an appointment next year to hold another meeting like this in Songkhla Province (Pongkla Nakarin University).

In 1992, an academic conference was held at Prince of Songkla University. Started to establish a club There is an application form distributed for membership. Initially, there were ordinary, honorary and institutional members. Gathered about 300 members, it was proposed to the president of the club, Prof. Dr. Tada Yip In Soi, and a total of 9 members at the meeting to summarize the objectives of the club as follows:

  1. as the coordination center and disseminate medical information
  2. To develop management, academic and management of medical information work.
  3. to exchange opinions and experiences in medical information work
  4. to enhance morale and encouragement in the medical information operation group
  5. To recommend the development of medical information work to the departments of the Ministry of Public Health. and other agencies related
  6. This club does not operate for commercial and political purposes.

In the first phase, most of the directors were in Bangkok. Therefore, the Board of Directors’ meeting was held at Siriraj. Because Dr. Preecha is a secretary Meetings are held at Siriraj Computer Center approximately once a month. The club president comes from Hat Yai every time they meet. still can’t have Teleconferences are compatible.

In 1993, organized the annual meeting of the club at Chiang Mai University. More than 700 participants attended the meeting. Topics discussed at that stage were LAN, WAN, Patient Referral System, or CD-ROM, Library Network Multimedia and the TMI Club was introduced at the meeting. too In addition, there were issues that were of interest to the participants such as BBS (Bulletin Board Service), Thai Index Medicus, etc.

In 1994, a meeting was organized by Mahidol University as a co-host with the TMI Club. The meeting was held at Central Plaza Ladprao (Bangkok). The meeting attendance increased to approximately 1,200 people. The number of members of the club remained the same. And it was discussed that there should be representatives of various agencies. both government and private sectors as directors It will help the work to proceed well. In the early stages of the club, there are committees that have been established from many agencies, including the military, the Ministry of Public Health, various medical universities. These founding committees have contributed to the operation of the club up until now. The obstacle was the congested travel in Bangkok which made the meeting inconvenient as it should be.

The atmosphere in the club when there is a meeting, whether it is a committee meeting each month. or the annual academic conference will find It is a group or club without institutional boundaries involved. because everyone has the feeling of being the same group not from different institutions Although there was a Q&A answer at one time that I would like a committee and members from the public health department. Therefore, the number of central directors has been increased to 20 people in the current period. and tried to invite many Many agencies and circles, both the private sector and the government sector, have asked them to apply to be a director. but with the limitation of distance Therefore, the directors from other provinces who used to have high activity had to resign because they were unable to attend the meeting every time. which is very unfortunate The club therefore had to find a solution to the problem. Teleconference has been tried. which solved the problem enough

The club’s annual meeting is continued every year with co-hosting arrangements. In 1995 and 1996, the co-host was the Ministry of Public Health, together with the TMI Club, held at the Regent Cha-Am Hotel for two years in a row because it was difficult to find a host. and the Ministry of Health organized it well. (Thanks to the directors and personnel from the ministry here) The club’s chairman changed to Prof. Dr. Atthasit Vejjajiva, who took over as the chairman because the club’s chairman had to expire according to the club’s rules. During this period, the committee meeting was held at the Mahidol University office. The foot of Phra Pinklao Bridge It was convenient for the chairman to attend the meeting as well. because there are many duties until the end of his term and a new chairman is Dr. Somsak Chunharas

The committee meeting at this stage was held at the Ministry of Public Health. And there are many interesting things to discuss. Activities carried out during the year include conferences on ICD9 and HL7. There was considerable discussion of standards. Because there will be problems later if there is no standard from the start of work. Therefore, trying to find a standard to achieve. Teleconference By relying on the Ministry’s existing equipment, teleconferences between Bangkok, Hat Yai, and Khon Kaen have been made several times. The content of this period is about the 1997 Annual Meeting that has to be postponed. because of the country’s financial crisis. until finally it was organized at the Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University on the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

In April 2005, the Medical Information and Public Health Club of Thailand (CDC) registered as an association in the name of “ Thai   Medical Informatics Association (TMI) ” .

Vision and Mission

TMI’s vision

“To be a knowledge management center for medical information (Medical and Public Health Information) of Thailand.”

In this vision, there are key words that are important.

  • knowledge management Medical informatics  means gathering knowledge, sources of knowledge, knowledgeable people, and conducting that knowledge to be transmitted. and utilized in various ways
  • of Thailand.  Shows that we want to work in the scope of Thailand only. by emphasizing the knowledge that we can create or applied developed and further developed for use in the country appropriately


  • as a knowledge collection center and reference sources for medical information in Thailand
  • carry out the exchange disseminate the body of knowledge in medical information by various methods
  • Recommend the development of medical information work to the departments of the Ministry of Public Health and other relevant agencies.
  • Providing medical information knowledge services to members and society
  • Promote the development of medical informatics Increase potential and develop knowledge and expertise in medical information for members and interested parties.
  • Representing Thailand operate medical information business in collaboration with international organizations

TMI Strategy

  • aiming to develop competence internal management to be more efficient
  • To support the establishment of more new SIG (Special Interest Group) groups
  • Develop activities with more participation by members.
  • focus on Providing more information on medical knowledge services to society
  • Promote the activities of TMI members in other provinces more
  • Aim to create a network to develop medical information in society