Co-Chairs: (2019-2022)
Dr. Arindam Basu
Associate Professor, Education, Health & Human Development
University of Canterbury
New Zealand

Dr. Sriram Iyengar
College of Medicine
University of Texas

Goals & Objectives

The Telehealth Working Group aims to be IMIA’s vehicle for stakeholder for advocacy and capacity building to use Informatics towards enabling as well as providing quality healthcare to areas outside the precinct of medical establishment.
The IMIA Telehealth WG hopes to engage members from the international health informatics community, across sectors, to identify, explore, collaborate, and disseminate research on the use of technology to foster Telehealth.

Annual Report

June 2022 – 2023
June 2021 – 2022
June 2020 – 2021
June 2019 – 2020
June 2018 – 2019
June 2017 – 2018