Chair: (2019-2022)
Soichi Ogishima
Professor, Tohoku University
Sendai, Japan


  • To advise about standards from an academic perspective
  • To promote the mutual identification of needed standards world-wide
  • To share information to facilitate mutual coordination of standards development in health informatics
  • The WG itself does not create new standards; rather, it devotes its activity on promotion of mutual identification and coordination by posting and maintaining an inventory of health informatics standard activities.
  • Usually, standard development activities are by volunteers, vendors, and immediate users. It is quite natural and fine for them to devote efforts to acquire fruitful outcomes. Sometimes, however, potential future users’ profit could be underrated.
  • IMIA is academically oriented, and is a world-wide organization which has connections with countries which participate less currently in existing standard development activities.
  • Therefore, the IMIA WG inputs thoughtfulness for future users and for multicultural environments, as advisory to standard development activities.

Annual Reports

June 2021 – 2022
June 2018 – 2019
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