In these difficult times, when Russian bombs destroy homes, kill lives and displace innocent people, we, the members of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) and the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) express our firm position against war and any kind of violence. We do not tolerate violations of fundamental human rights and attempts to divide the international scientific community. We fully agree with the adopted United Nation’s General Assembly resolution of March 2, 2022, demanding the Russian Federation to immediately end its illegal use of force in Ukraine and to withdraw all troops.

We admire the dignity and the heroism of the Ukrainian people who risk their lives to defend the so hardened way to freedom asking nothing else but the most natural human desire – PEACE! We also respectfully take notice of the courage of many Russian scientists and citizens, who protest publicly against this illegal military action, despite the fear of severe repression.

The history of humanity shows that PEACE is the key to progress, to collaboration between people and nations, to prosperity, and to everyday life. The work of the Members of EFMI and IMIA, is focused on the health and well-being for all individuals around the world. Respect and PEACE is a necessary prerequisite to collaborate in a tolerant and peaceful way, transcending nations, cultures, and political or social structures. That is why we, EFMI and IMIA, in a unanimous voice, make an insistent appeal to stop all military actions and find all possible ways to bring PEACE again in our homes, in our lives, and in our world!

Right now we, EFMI and IMIA,

–   sadly have stopped organizing or endorsing international conferences, workshops and other events of our organizations in Russia. But how could we, coming from all parts of our world, share our knowledge in a country, where the political leadership decided for this aggression against Ukraine, an independent state, an aggression which is most seriously violating the United Nations Charter?

–   urge our members, in particular those who are chairing research institutes and labs, to consider Ukrainian scientists for vacant positions in order to support our colleagues in these difficult and embarrassing times. Our support will include assistance to our Ukrainian colleagues who have decided to continue their work abroad in finding jobs, joining work teams and collaboration in research projects.


This statement is supported by IMIA’s Academy, the International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics (IAHSI)