Head Office:
Faculty of Medicine
Department of Medical Informatics
University of Sarajevo
Sarajevo, Cekalusa 90/IV
Bosnia and Herzegovina 71000

IMIA Representative and President:    Image
Prof. Dr. Izet Masic
Medical Faculty
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 33 444 714

Dr. Igor Kulasin


Acta Informatica Medica:
ISSN: 0353-8109

Founded: 1988  Membership: 100

Society for Medical Informatics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Society of Medical Informatics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHSMI) was founded in 1988 as a member of former Yugoslavian Association of Medical Informatics which was also founded in 1988 and accepted as member of EFMI in 1990. Today, the Society has more than 100 members. The Society became a member of EFMI in 1994 (EFMI Council in Lisbon), and member of IMIA in 1994 (General Assembly in Dresden). President of BHSMI is Prof Izet Masic, MD, PhD, who is also the national representative of EFMI and IMIA.

The Society carries out the following activities:

1. Promotion and improvement of informatics within the health-care system, health insurance and bio-medical research,
2. Engagement of experts in the field of medical informatics in BIH on development and establishment of health care information systems,
3. Assistance in research, development and professional work in the field of medical informatics in BIH
4. Distribution and development of technical information in the field of medical informatics in BIH
5. Assistance in education of medical informatics experts,
6. Exchange of professional experience on national and international level,
7. Publishing activities in the field of medical informatics.

Since 1993, the Society for Medical Informatics of Bosnia and Herzegovina continuously publishes its own professional journal – ACTA INFORMATICA MEDICA (AIM), where papers from the field of medical informatics are presented and submitted to online databases (EBSCO and Index Copernicus) on quarterly basis ( In 2005, BHSMI published four issues of AIM and one supplement – proceedings of the Special Topic Conference on eHealth and eEducation held in Sarajevo on 20th December 2005. This conference was organized as the scientific assembly marking the 10th jubilee of BHSMI.

The Society for Medical Informatics of Bosnia and Herzegovina annually organizes its professional meetings covering the actual topics from medical informatics. During the past years, topics of the meetings and workshops were: Classification systems in health care, Health and information systems, Electronic medical records, Appliance of expert systems in health care, Tele-education in health care systems etc.

The Society has organized two congresses of Medical informatics in Bosnia and Herzegovina with international participation: first held in 1999 in Sarajevo with over 100 participants, mostly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia and few neighbor countries from southeast Europe; opened by Prof Atilla Naszlady, president of EFMI, the Second congress of Medical informatics held in Sarajevo in 2004 with international participants, opened by Assa Reichert, president of EFMI, and plenary meeting of EFMI Board where papers were presented by Assa Reichert, John Brayden, Robert Baud, Rolf Engelbrecht, Jacob Hofdijk, Patrick Weber, Asim Kurjak, Drago Rudel, as well as colleagues from Canada, Croatia, Slovenia and etc.

EFMI Council has given the great opportunity and honor to BHSMI in organizing the XXII Medical Informatics Europe Conference – MIE 2009 in Sarajevo from 30 August to 2 September 2009. The topic of MIE 2009 Sarajevo is ‘Medical Informatics in a United and Healthy Europe’. More information on MIE 2009 Sarajevo is available on the official website which is maintained by BHSMI. Members of BHSMI are actively involved in the organization of the conference as members of MIE 2009 Local Organising Committee.