Slovensko društvo za medicinsko informatiko (SDMI)

IMIA Representative
Ms. Tanja Rejc

IMIA Nursing Informatics SIG Representative
Bostjan Zvanut

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Slovenian Medical Informatics Association (SIMIA)
Founded in 1988, the Slovenian Medical Informatics Association – SIMIA is a professional, non-governmental organization aimed to promote activities in the development of medical informatics in Slovenia as well as further in the countries of EU and to represent these activities in the country and abroad.

SIMIA was founded already in 1986 and has now almost 100 members mostly professionals working in the field of medical informatics. The Association is a meeting place for people in medical informatics in the broadest sense, i.e. physicians, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, nurses, hospital administrators, and health care managers.

The activities of SIMIA concern stimulation and co-ordination of the activities of its members in promoting medical informatics in the country and to support international co-operation in this field, which implies:
· organizing scientific and professional conferences, symposia, courses and exhibitions and collaboration in such activities with related organizations;
· publication of scientific, professional and educational documents and papers in the field of medical informatics;
· dissemination of information about conferences, publications and links to websites web sites on medical and health informatics
· promoting scientific and professional contacts with similar societies at the international level;
· active involvement to support scientists to attend international meetings;
· publishing of scientific magazine Informatica Medica Slovenica (IMS).

SIMIA was represented as a member in IMIA since 1993 having now representatives in several active working groups of IMIA and EFMI. The year before SIMIA joined EFMI with its members also active in their working groups. SIMIA is an institutional member of “Prorec Slovenia (PROREC.SI)”, a national foundation promoting implementation of EHCR in Slovenia. SIMIA members serve in several professional and scientific committees and also in various expert groups of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science.

At a national scale SIMIA keeps the tradition of yearly conferences often with international participation. Every second year (the even years) there is a Medical Informatics (MI) Congress, with invited speakers coming from various IMIA members associations. The Conferences cover special topics such as: EPR (EHCR), Data Security, E-Health, Legal Issues and Healthcare Legislation and Healthcare Politics.

In 1999 SIMIA organized the EFMI Congress MIE1999 which was held in Ljubljana and had a big success. SIMIA members regularly attend conferences organized by IMIA (MEDINFO) and EFMI (MIE) as well other international scientific events in the field of Medical Informatics often as active participants.