The site visit will take two or three days, depending on the program(s). If the learning materials and/or student theses are written in another language than English, sometime will be devoted to discussions about their content, with the assistance of teachers from the institute who will translate and explain parts of the documents on the request of the site visit members.

Prior to the visit , the site visit committee will study a number of Master’s theses to get a good impression of the qualifications of the graduates. The program will create a list of the theses, together with an English summary of each thesis and the marks obtained. The committee will select two theses from this list for each site visit committee member. The selected theses together with the criteria, used by the program to assess the theses, will be sent in advance of the site visit to the members of the committee. If the theses are not in English the members will obtain the summary and a table of contents in English of the selected theses. At the beginning of the visit the members of the committee will meet to make a preliminary judgement of the program based on the Self-Assessment Report and the theses and formulate questions to be asked during the remaining part of the site visit. During the site visit, certain additional documents should be available for inspection by the site visit committee (educational policy plan, staff policy plan, quality assurance plan etc.)

During the site visit, the committee will speak with the program management, members of the examination committee, teachers and students, and alumni. If possible, the committee should meet with representatives of academia and industry who employ graduates of the program. Also, the committee will study the material (text books, syllabi, examination questions, etc.) that have been made available for inspection. The duration of the discussions, the composition of the groups with which to speak, and the organization of the visit is determined by the committee in consultation with the program. In general, each representative group is limited to six persons.

At the end of the visit the chairman of the site visit committee gives a concise exposé about the findings and presents the general judgment and the underlying considerations to the program management and other program representatives as desired.