The program management creates a Self-Assessment Report that contains a critical reflection about the program. The purpose of the report is to ease the work of the site visit committee, but also to assist program management in identifying possible deficiencies early on, prior to the site visit. The subjects should be described in sufficient detail so that it is possible for the site visit members to evaluate the 16 facets of the IMIA accreditation review framework. Both the strong and weak points should be described.

With respect to the subject the program also documents how the student and teacher satisfaction is investigated and reports about the results. Evidence in support of the Self-Assessment Report must be available during the site visit for inspection.

The Self-Assessment Report should be written in a manner that it can be read independently of other reports prepared for the accreditation. The Self-Assessment report is written in English and should be submitted as a Word file as part of the online application. The program also provides in addition to the Self-Assessment report, a limited number of documents to the site visit committee.

IMIA’s Accreditation Committee assumes that the information for these documents is readily available within the program. The documents serve to substantiate and possibly for verification.

Template for Self-Assessment Report