Marianne Tallberg (née Ehrnrooth) worked with great devotion on the history of nursing and the field. She graduated as a nurse in 1950 and got married the same year. The family first lived in Sweden. Marianne devoted herself to taking care of a family of three children after graduating as a nurse, but then her career progressed rapidly. 

After graduating as a nurse in 1975, Marianne graduated in 1981 as a nursing teacher from Helsingfors svenska sjukvårdsinstitut and in 1982 a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Helsinki. In 1983, he was given the task of building a nursing education program at the University of Helsinki. Marianne’s doctoral thesis in nursing “The secular nurse in Finland from the 18th century to the beginning of uniform education in 1930” at the University of Kuopio was completed in 1991. She was awarded the rank of docent in 1994 at the same university, where she also worked as an assistant professor of nursing didactics in 1989–1990. Marianne was a respected lecturer and congress speaker, and she also published numerous articles in international nursing journals.

The activities of the Finnish Nurses’ Association (SFF) and the Finnish Nurses’ Association (Ssl) attracted active participation already in the 1970s. Marianne was appointed several times as Finland’s representative at Nordic nursing congresses. In addition, he worked for a long time as the Finnish editor of the Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences and as a member of several international information technology community and scientific committees. Marianne’s knowledge in historical research and archives came into use when Sophie Mannerheim’s archive material kept in Sweden and the archive of the Finnish Nurses’ Association were transferred to the National Archives of Finland. 

Already in the 1980s, Marianne was active in the Health Computing Association (now the Social and Healthcare Computing Association) and she was also an honorary member of the association. At the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) conference held in Helsinki in 1985, he organized the Nursing Informatics session, which was attended by pioneers of nursing information management from Europe and the United States. Friendships lasting decades developed from this meeting. In 1988, at Marianne’s suggestion, a nursing group was started under MIE, especially connecting Nordic nurses with the international IMIA NI expert group, of which she was named as an honorary member. Marianne represented Finland in several EU projects developing information management training in particular. He served as a member of the scientific (NI’94) and organizing committee (NI’97) of NI conferences. NI’2009 was organized in Helsinki with the support of Ssl, and Marianne was also a member of the scientific committee at that time. Marianne’s history writing expertise was used to publish the history International Nursing Informatics: A History of the First Forty Years 1960–2000.

Marianne was awarded the 1993 Sophie Mannerheim bronze medal for her meritorious research on the founder of modern nursing education in Finland. He received the Florence Nightingale medal in 2001 for significant historical research and data technology research in nursing.

Kaija Saranto, Professor Emerita, nurse

Maicco Mu stajoki , PhD, specialist nurse