Regional Vice President to IMIA

Dr. Dari Alhuwail

Dr. Alhuwail is an IAHSI Fellow, Class of 2021



2020 MENAHIA Region Report – Published in the 2021 IMIA Yearbook

2021 MENAHIA Region Report – Published in the 2022 IMIA Yearbook


IMIA’s MENAHIA Region was established in 2018 and represents the IMIA Society Members in the Middle East and North African region. MENAHIA exists to further the application of informatics methodology and information technology in the field of health care and biomedical research in the Middle East and North African region. The basic aims of MENAHIA shall be:

  • To promote informatics in health care, public health, and biomedical research;
  • To advance international cooperation of member organizations in the region;
  • To stimulate research, development, implementation, and routine application of health informatics;
  • To move informatics from theory into practice in the full range of health and care settings;
  • To further the dissemination and exchange of knowledge, information, best practices, and technology;
  • To contribute to the development and refinement of international and national Health Informatics Standards and to supporting countries and regional organisations in the application and compliance with such standards;
  • To promote education in health informatics and to increase the capacity of health informatics professionals;
  • To promote the use and implementation of Health informatics technology and tools in the region;
  • To promote responsible, professional, and ethical behavior of computer-based health data management;
  • To seek and maintain formal channels of communication with any relevant professional or governmental organizations;
  • To represent all member organizations in the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) and to elect the Regional Vice President for IMIA representing MENAHIA;
  • To establish the role of health informatics in patient safety, patient engagement, and patient empowerment;
  • To support and facilitate the development of national policies for member societies.