IMIA organizes the internationally acclaimed “World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics” – known as MedInfo. The Congress has been held every two years since 2013, previously it was held every three years.   MedInfo provides both a high quality scientific exchange of current research and thinking in health and biomedical informatics and an opportunity for formal meetings and informal networking of IMIA’s members. The event is jointly hosted by IMIA and one of its Member Societies. The selection of the host society is determined through a vote by the IMIA General Assembly.

Links to past MedInfo Conference Proceedings are provided below. 

Please note: Congress, event or tourism organizing companies interested in MedInfo’s should contact IMIA’s Society member within their region, a complete list of IMIA’s Society Members can be found here –

MedInfo 2025  9 to 13 August, 2025 in Taipei 

MedInfo 2025, the 20th world congress on medical and health informatics, will take place in Taipei from 9 – 13 August, hosted by the Taiwan Association for Medical Informatics.  Sign up now to receive more information at


On July 08, 2023 the IMIA General Assembly voted to hold MedInfo 2027 in Dubai, UAE, hosted by the Emirates Health Informatics Society- Emirates Medical Association (EHIS).   Dates and more information will be announced next year.

Past MedInfo’s – Links to Proceedings & Programs

MedInfo 2023 Sydney, Australia
MedInfo 2023 Program
MedInfo 2023 Proceedings – The Future is Accessible

MedInfo 2021 Virtual Event
Link to MedInfo 2021 Online Program and recorded presentations
MedInfo 2021 Proceedings – One World, One Health – Global Partnership for Digital Innovation

MedInfo 2019 Lyon, France
Download PDF – MedInfo 2019 Program
MedInfo 2019 Proceedings – Health and Wellbeing e-Networks for All

MedInfo 2017 Hangzhou, China
Download PDF – MedInfo 2017 Program
MedInfo 2017 Proceedings -Precision Healthcare through Informatics

MedInfo 2015  São Paulo, Brazil
Download PDF – MedInfo 2015 Program
MedInfo 2015 Proceedings -eHealth – enabled Health

MedInfo 2013 Copenhagen, Denmark
MedInfo 2013 Proceedings – Conducting medical informatics by converging technologies, conveying sciences and connecting people

MedInfo 2010 Cape Town, South Africa
MedInfo 2010 Proceedings – Partnerships for effective e-Health solutions

MedInfo 2007 Brisbane, Australia
MedInfo 2007 Proceedings – Building Sustainable Health Systems

MedInfo 2004 San Francisco, USA
MedInfo 2004 Proceedings – building high performance organizations for enhancing health care, research, and education

MedInfo 2001 London, UK
MedInfo 2001 Proceedings – Towards global health: the informatics route to knowledge

MedInfo’98 Seoul, Korea
MedInfo’98 Proceedings – Global Health Networking: a Vision for the next Millennium

MedInfo’95 Vancouver, BC, Canada

MedInfo’92 Geneva, Switzerland

MedInfo’89 Singapore & Beijing, China

MedInfo’86 Washington, DC, USA

MedInfo’83 Amsterdam, Netherlands

MedInfo’80 Tokyo, Japan

MedInfo’77 Toronto, ON, Canada

MedInfo’74 Stockholm, Sweden