We are pleased to share the announcement that the deadline for MedInfo 2019 submissions has been extended to November 25, 2018.   For more details please visit the website at https://medinfo-lyon.org/en/call/recos/ .

MedInfo 2019 will be held in Lyon, France from August 26 – 30, 2019.  MedInfo’s are held every two years and is considered the foremost International conference for the science and practice of biomedical informatics.  The SPC solicits authors to submit scientific papers addressing a variety of themes, including – but not limited to – the following:

  1. IMIA Track 1: Interpreting health and biomedical data
    • Data interoperability and data integration
    • Information models and data representation standards
    • Controlled terminologies, ontologies, and vocabularies
    • Biomedical imaging and image analysis
    • Visualization
    • Natural language processing
    • Machine learning and data mining
    • Artificial Intelligence methods and tools
    • Big data analytics
    • Health data science
    • Quality of data and metadata
  2. IMIA Track 2: Supporting care delivery
    • Health information systems and evaluation
    • Electronic health records / electronic patient records
    • Learning healthcare system
    • Clinical decision support systems and reasoning
    • Clinical guidelines
    • Health-enabling technologies and sensors
    • Telemedicine and telehealth
    • Medical robotics
    • Safety and security of health information systems and medical devices
  3. IMIA Track 3: Enabling precision medicine and public health
    • Individualized therapy
    • Measuring outcomes
    • Healthcare quality
    • Patient safety
    • Genomics and pharmacogenomics
    • Public health informatics
    • Biosurveillance
    • Registries and health information exchange
    • Health policy issues
    • Disaster management
  4. IMIA Track 4: The human element in medical informatics
    • Human computer interfaces and usability
    • Education and capacity building
    • Learning analytics for competence assessment
    • Patient simulators
    • Serious gaming
    • Patient empowerment / engagement
    • Social media, mobile apps, and patient portals
    • Human factors and technology adoption
    • Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues
    • Privacy and consent management
    • Health information literacy

For more information please contact the MedInfo 2019 https://medinfo-lyon.org/en/about-us/contactus/ .