Chair (2019-2022):
Dr. Ronald Cornet
Associate Professor, Department of Medical Informatics
Amsterdam Public Health research institute
Academic Medical Center – University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Vice Chairs  (2019-2022):

Dr. Laszlo Balkanyi
Budapest, Hungary




Dr. Stefan Schulz
Institut für Medizinische Informatik,Statistik und Dokumentation
Medizinische Universität Graz,  Austria

Goals & Objectives

The goal is to provide a forum for state of the art dialogue and collaboration on medical concept representation in healthcare applications. IMIA’s LaMB WG, Language and Meaning in Biomedicine (formerly known as the Medical Concept Representation Working Group up to 2014) is the international forum for issues related to informatics in the classification and coding of health data. Since its formation, the working group was charged with: (1) Reviewing health data nomenclature and classification needs for the world community; (2) Evaluating information processing technology in meeting these defined needs; and (3) Recommending methods for future classification and nomenclature systems.

Goal and operations of the LinkedIn Group: This LinkedIn group is available here. The aim of the IMIA LinkedIn Group on Language and Meaning in BioMedicine  (formerly Medical Concept Representation – MCR) is to provide a platform neutral, high level forum to discuss emerging professional issues, to promote relevant events and publications, to connect interested individuals to influential people in the domain. We hope that the LinkedIn WG LaMB site will grow to an orientation point for professionals on this network in the area of medical concept representations. Ideas, suggestions are more than welcome! Please check the LinkedIn group for upcoming news and events. See details here:

Goal and operations of the IMIA LaMB Zenodo repository, our referable content site:  Publications related to the work of the WG, reports of business meetings and other WG events are published at our Zenodo site. This site hosts all information we would like to share with interested partners. We also hope to get input from the research & professional community. The site is available here:

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