Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Health Information Administration

IMIA Academic Representative:
Hamza Alshawaf, Senior Lecturer
Health Information Administration Department
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
Kuwait University


Undergraduate programs in allied health sciences were first offered in Kuwait University in the School of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing, within the faculty of Medicine, in 1978. The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing was established as an independent Faculty within the Health Sciences Centre in 1982. It changed its name to the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences in 2004 when the Nursing program was transferred to the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. The programs were established to produce locally-trained staff able to meet local needs, and to provide a more stable workforce than expatriate staff. The faculty currently offers Bachelor′s degree programs in Health Information Administration, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Radiologic Sciences.

The Faculty plans to offer two additional programs in Speech Therapy and Respiratory Therapy in the very near future.

Mission & objectives

The mission of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences is to educate and train Knowledgeable, skillful and committed allied health professionals whom shall assume responsibilities as members of the health care team in the Kuwaiti health care delivery system.  The aims is to graduate allied health professionals whom have the requisite entry level competencies, meet the professional standards and whom shall adhered to professional ethics in their professions. The Faculty also aims to contribute to the development of the profession and allied health services in Kuwait, both in the Kuwait health care delivery system and in private hospitals, by providing consultancy and other Health services.


The key objectives, therefore, are:
– To develop, monitor, evaluate, review and maintain a curriculum for the Bachelor′s degree programs that reflects the state-of-art in the professions and prepares students for work as a member of the health care delivery team.
– To liaise with staff in the Ministry of Health in order to provide the optimal environment in the Ministry hospitals and clinics for baccalaureate students to achieve the entry level competencies,through hospital rotations, in their respective profession.
– To develop, monitor, evaluate, and maintain postgraduate programs (Diploma and Masters) that impart and enhance allied health professionals′ knowledge and capabilities in theirprofessional area.
– To develop and provide continuing education/ continuing professional development(postgraduate programs, short courses, lectures, workshops and seminars) for Ministry of health staff that meet the changing health care needs of Kuwait, and that keep them abreast of the state-of-the-art in their professions.
– To recruit well qualified and experienced teaching and support staff who will act as role models for students and who keep themselves abreast with scientific advances in the field and apply the state-of-the-art in all endeavors: teaching, curriculum development and assessment, research, clinical supervision and community service.
– To provide baccalaureate student with the necessary support and guidance in terms of counselling, and feedback on academic and clinical performance.
– To provide an optimal learning environment in terms of classrooms, laboratories, learning resources and modalities of teaching and learning.
– To provide consultancy services to hospitals and clinics in the public sector health care delivery system and in the private sector.