Amsterdam, the Netherlands – IOS Press, EFMI, and IMIA are pleased to announce that they have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) extending their publishing agreement for the open access publication of the proceedings of EFMI and IMIA conferences being held from 2024 through 2028.

In cooperation, the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) and the International Medical informatics Association (IMIA) have agreed with IOS Press to publish the proceedings of the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE), Nursing Informatics (NI), EFMI Special Topic Conference (EFMI STC) and MEDINFO conferences, which cover a range of topics within the field of biomedical health informatics. The proceedings of these conferences will continue to appear in the MEDLINE-indexed Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (HTI) book series.

The signing of the MoU signifies a continuation of EFMI’s and IMIA’s longstanding publishing relationship with IOS Press. For nearly 30 years, the HTI series has published numerous conference proceedings organized by EFMI and IMIA. Its first publication of an EFMI proceedings “Case-Based Telematic Systems, Towards Equity in Health Care,” edited by F.H. Roger France, et al., was published in 1994, and in 1996 “Medical Informatics Europe ’96” by J. Brender, et al., presented a collection of IMIA’s MEDINFO proceedings.

Einar Fredriksson, PhD, founder and director of IOS Press states: “By maintaining our partnership with EFMI and IMIA we continue to provide the highest quality and latest research in biomedical health and informatics to the world. Because the EFMI and IMIA proceedings are published in an open access format, we ensure that the content is freely accessible and can be shared with researchers and practitioners around the world.”

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The series Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (HTI) was started in 1990 in collaboration with EU programmes that preceded the Horizon 2020 to promote biomedical and health informatics research. It has developed into a highly visible global platform for the dissemination of original research in this field, containing more than 300 volumes of high-quality works from all over the world.

IOS Press is an independent international scientific, technical, medical (STM) publishing house established in 1987 in Amsterdam. They publish around 90 journals and 70 books annually in a broad range of subject categories, primarily specializing in biomedical and life sciences (including neurosciences, medical informatics, cancer research, rehabilitation) and physical sciences (including computer sciences, artificial intelligence, engineering). In addition, they offer specialized services that support scientific advancement.

The European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) is an association of European national associations in the field of Medical Informatics as well as institutional members. Founded in 1976 to function as the autonomous European Regional Council of IMIA, the objectives are (i) to advance international co-operation and dissemination of information in Medical Informatics on a European basis; (ii) to promote high standards in research, development, application, and education of medical informatics; and (iii) to encourage high standards in education in medical informatics.

As the international association for health and biomedical informatics an “association of associations” IMIA provides the global opportunity to collaborate on the advancement of biomedical and health informatics science, education, and practice through mutual learning and exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas. Through the ongoing work of IMIA’s worldwide Members, Official Regions, Working Groups, Special Interest Groups, IMIA NI and Academy (IAHSI), IMIA provides informatics leadership and expertise to the multidisciplinary health-focused community and policy makers.

Kim Willems
Publisher at IOS Press