IMIA, the International Medical Informatics Association,  is pleased to announce the first edition of IMIA’s Dental Informatics Working Group (DIWG) quarterly newsletter.  The quarterly publication, DENTALBYTES, Drilling Into Informatics,  will provide readers with accessible and informative content about the latest trends, innovations, and activities of IMIA’s DIWG.

Delving into a wide range of topics, including electronic dental records, data analytics, tele-dentistry, and the exciting applications of artificial intelligence in dentistry, DENTALBYTES will aim to showcase the diverse approaches and applications that are shaping the field of dental informatics.  DENTALBYTES inaugural issue provides an introduction and history of Dental Informatics, information on the DIWG activities, and an invitation to join the working group.   The issue can be accessed  here.

About IMIA’s Dental Informatics Working Group  
IMIA’s DIWG focuses on dental and oral health domains. Oral health, considered as a mirror of overall health, has witnessed a rapid growth in the field of dental informatics, creating new surge of activities in dental and medical care.

DIWG’s activities are designed to foster the professional growth of dental practitioners, health informaticians, researchers, IT professionals, medical and allied professionals, and educators, among others; facilitate dental and health informatics, develop innovative dental education initiatives, and foster collaborative research projects.   The working group strives to build a robust evidence base that will benefit the entire dental informatics community and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

For more information please see IMIA’s DIWG webpage here.