IMIA’s 2017 Strategic Plan – Executive Summary

Vision: The International Medical Informatics Association seeks to grow and nurture a collaborative global Biomedical and Health Informatics community that encourages and supports international initiatives to improve health for all

Mission:  The mission of the International Medical Informatics Association is to bring people together from around the world to advance biomedical and health informatics science, education, and practice through mutual learning and exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas

Strategic Goals:  The International Medical Informatics Association aims to fulfill its mission and realize its vision through a fourfold financially sustainable strategic platform that focuses on Advocacy, Collaboration, and Membership.
1. Advocacy
To champion the recognition and growth of the biomedical and health informatics profession with professional and governmental organizations.
2. Collaboration
To promote the cross-fertilization of health informatics knowledge and skills across academic, professional, and geographical boundaries, while serving as the catalyst for ubiquitous worldwide health information infrastructures for patient care and health research.
3. Membership
To strengthen opportunities for participation in the Association by all members, across all membership categories.
4. Promote Academic and Professional Excellence
To promote academic and research excellence and to exchange knowledge and evidence to prepare the next generation of health and biomedical informatics researchers and professionals



The concept of an IMIA Strategic Plan started in 2003, and during 2003 and 2004 a world-wide survey was conducted to assess what IMIA members would like to see IMIA do or become. The results of this initial survey were presented as part of the inaugural presentation of IMIA President Nancy Lorenzi.

A strategic planning task force was appointed, comprising members from all parts of IMIA, and through a mixture of face-to-face meetings, online discussions, and consultations at IMIA general Assembly meetings (eg, in Geneva in 2005), the strategic plan was developed. It was presented to and approved by the General Assembly in Brisbane, Australia prior to MedInfo2007.

Reference: Strategy in a Fishbowl: An Invitation to Determine the Shape of IMIA in 2015 N. Lorenzi, P.J. Murray, L. de Assis Moura Jr., H.M. Goh, S. Huesing, F. Martin-Sanchez, F. Eisenberg, H. Strachan (The IMIA Strategic Planning Task Force) Methods Inf Med 2006; 45 235-239

The IMIA Strategic Plan (2007): Towards IMIA 2015



We know from research in information system failures and also from errors within hospitals that the time of “hand-offs”, “hand-over’s”, “cut-over’s”, or other words that depict transition are the times when there is a higher probability for problems, issues, failures, and errors to occur.  In order to avoid that phenomenon IMIA created a Transition Plan as a bridge to the future.

Reference: Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom: Transition towards Implementation of the IMIA Strategic Plan.Murray P, Haux R, Lorenzi N. Methods Inf Med 2007; 46:625-628.

Bridge to the Future – The IMIA Transition Plan Implementing the Vision of “Towards IMIA 2015”