IMIA Statutes

IMIA’s legal status is that of a not-for-profit association, incorporated by Articles of Association under the Laws of Switzerland – Swiss Civil Code, Article 60. IMIA’s legal “residence” is in the Canton of Geneva. The conduct of the Association is governed by IMIA’s Statutes as amended and approved at the General Assembly meeting in Tokyo in 1993.

Revised Statutes were formally approved by the IMIA General Assembly at its meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. Click here to access IMIA’s Statutes 2010


IMIA Policies

IMIA Policies are to be read in conjunction with the IMIA Statutes (2010 version),  the most current version of each policy is available below in PDF format.


IMIA Affiliate Member Organization Policy 2017

IMIA Board Policy 2019

IMIA Code of Conduct 2020

IMIA Committee Policy 2017

IMIA Commitment Policy 2010

IMIA Conflict of Interest Policy 2017

IMIA Finance Policy 2017

IMIA General Assembly Policy 2019

IMIA Journal Relationships Policy 2017

IMIA Membership Policy 2010