Members of the IMIA NI SIG fall into several categories:

  • Executive Officers – the Chair, and the Vice-Chairs for Working Groups, Administration & Finance, Membership, and Communications.
  • Society Members – one member is selected by each Society Member of IMIA. Society IMIA members seek nominations for this nurse appointee from appropriate society level groups, including recognized nursing and health Informatics groups, the ICN affiliated society nursing association, and other organizations as appropriate. IMIA NI currently has 28 Society represented members.
  • Honorary Members – appointed by the IMIA NI assembly. Past chairpersons are granted honorary member status.
  • Observers and Corresponding Members – individuals granted such status by the General Assembly. Observers to IMIA from non-IMIA Society Members can be honored by the Chairperson of IMIA NI upon recommendation by the executive committee.
  • Advisory Panels – IMIA NI has a number of Advisory Panels. The activities and remits, and memberships, of the panels vary.
  • Institutional Members – Academic and Corporate Institutional members of IMIA may nominate individuals to be members of IMIA NI

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