January 22, 2024 (Geneva, Switzerland) – The International Medical Informatics Association Nursing Informatics group (IMIA NI), is pleased to announce the recent election of Dr. Nick Hardiker as the IMIA NI Executive Committee Chair elect. Dr. Hardiker’s election to Chair will be ratified at the IMIA NI General Assembly meeting, which will take place as part of the group’s upcoming international nursing informatics conference, NI2024, to be held in Manchester, England (July 28-31, 2024). His term will commence in January 2025

Dr. Hardiker has 30 years’ experience in theoretical and applied research in health informatics, with a particular focus on health records and ontologies, and has been involved in IMIA NI for over 15 of those years. He has most recently served as IMIA NI Executive Committee Vice Chair for Advisory Panels and has held various other leadership roles in IMIA NI, including as Chair of  the former IMIA NI Healthcare Standards Working Group and as the United Kingdom Representative for both IMIA NI and the European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI) Nursing Informatics Working Group. These IMIA NI volunteer roles have been held alongside his most recent substantive role as Dean and Professor of Nursing and Health Informatics at the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom.

“There is increasing interest in the role that digital technologies might play in tackling some of the problems faced by contemporary nursing, and with much greater engagement than ever before from nurses around the world, this is a really exciting time, both for nursing informatics and for IMIA NI as a global leader in the field.’, said Dr, Hardiker, “I am absolutely determined to play my part in mobilising an international coalition that will drive the discipline forward, exploring possibilities and exploiting opportunities for digital nursing globally.”


IMIA NI represents Nursing Informatics under the broader International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) umbrella. The focus of IMIA NI is to foster collaboration among nurses and others who are interested in Nursing Informatics to facilitate development in the field. The group aims to share knowledge, experience and ideas with other nurses and healthcare providers worldwide about the practice of Nursing Informatics and the benefits of enhanced information management.

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