The Institute of Medical Informatics and Statistics (IMIS) at the Kiel University Medical Faculty invites applications for the following position to be filled as soon as possible:

W2 Professorship for a limited period (6 years) for Medical Informatics with Tenure Track

The successful applicant will not only participate in research and teaching in the field of Medical Informatics but is also expected to play an active role in the new faculty focus on “Integrated Systems Medicine”, closely linking the two research areas of inflammation and neurosciences.

To facilitate internationally competitive medical research, the Kiel University Medical Faculty draws upon clinical, laboratory and image data generated in a clinical care context at University Hospital- Schleswig Holstein (UKSH). In addition, the Kiel University Medical Faculty is involved in various collaborative research projects that generate comprehensive multidimensional data resources, particular from genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics studies. Together with other external partners, CAU has established the DFG Clusterof Excellence “Inflammation at Interfaces”, a multifaceted research network for the interdisciplinary study of inflammatory diseases of barrier organs. In addition, the local “PopGen” biobank holds data and biomaterial from more than 80,000 individuals that have been used extensively in local, national and international research collaborations in the past. Kiel is also the local site of the “National Cohort”, a large-scale epidemiological project initiated by the Helmholtz Society that has been operated successfully in Kiel for over two years.

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