As an ‘association of associations’ bridging the world of health and biomedical informatics, IMIA membership consists primarily of Member Societies, Institutional (Academic and Corporate) and Affiliate Members, and Honorary Fellows.

Member Societies: In each country, one society or a group of societies or an appropriate body which is representative of activities within the field of medical informatics may become a Member Society. Only one Member Society may be admitted from each country, except as defined in IMIA Policies by the General Assembly of IMIA from time to time. Multiple Member Societies may be admitted from one country if, and only if, a] agreement on a single Member Society has not proved possible, and b] the arrangement is approved by a two-thirds majority of IMIA’s Member Societies. Each Member Society shall appoint one representative to IMIA. Click here for a current list of our IMIA Society Members

 In an country where no representative societies exist, IMIA accommodates involvement through “Corresponding” members, especially within developing countries.

IMIA Represented Regions: IMIA Member Societies may organize into regional groups. Current IMIA regions represented are : Latin America and the Caribbean (IMIA-LAC), Europe (EFMI), Asia/Pacific (APAMI), Africa (HELINA), North America. and Middle East Association (MEAHI). Click here for more information on our regions 

Institutional Members: there are two categories, corporate and academic members. Corporate members include vendor, consulting, and technology firms as well as national professional organizations. Academic members include universities, medical centres, research centres and like institutions. Click here for current list of Academic Institutional Members

Affiliate Members:  international organizations that share an interest in the broad field of health and biomedical informatics.  Click her for more information on IMIA’s Current Affiliate Members

Honorary Members – IMIA Fellows: these are individuals who have demonstrated exceptional merit in furthering the aims and interests of IMIA; Fellowship is conferred for life. Click here for current list of IMIA’s Honorary Members

For more information or if you are interested in becoming a member please contact the IMIA office at