IMIA is pleased to announce the online publication of “International Medical Informatics and the Transformation of Healthcare”, IMIA’s first edition of its history and impact spanning over 50 years.

As outlined in the introduction, this first edition focuses predominately on the personal insights of pioneers and leaders that were collected by the IMIA History Working Group over the years. Included are interviews with Dr. François Grémy and Dr. Hans Peterson, both recognized founding leaders of IMIA, and stories spanning the globe, providing the history of the development of research and implemented systems through personal narratives of over 50 years.

IMIA acknowledges with great appreciation Dr. Casimir Kulikowski, Chair of IMIA’s History Working Group, for his unprecedented commitment and dedication in providing IMIA’s first published History Book.   Dr. Kulikowski was supported by the long standing and dedicated Vice Chairs of the working group Dr. George Mihalas, Dr. Yalerio Yacubsohn, Dr. Robert Greenes and Dr. Hyeoun-Ae Park.



We are very glad that IMIA has published the long-awaited volume of personal narrative contributions as part of the IMIA History Working Group’s efforts over the past decade.  We greatly appreciate all the work of the individual contributors and thank those who in this way have shared their unique personal insights into the development of research and practices in our key biomedical and healthcare disciplines and their informatics technologies at an international level.  We are planning future activities which could lead to further volumes in this series covering the organizational histories of IMIA’s affiliated societies and associations, as well as narratives that can help broaden the scope of perspectives that inform the many worldwide efforts in our field. Please do not hesitate to share your comments on the book, and suggestions for future activities.

Casimir A. Kulikowski, George I. Mihalas, Hyeoun-Ae Park, Robert A. Greenes, Valerio Yacubsohn
Editors of the eBook International Medical Informatics and the Transformation of Healthcare, 2021 and Editorial Board of the IMIA History WG.

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