12 July 2023 (Sydney, Australia) – The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) is pleased to announce Dr. Hyeoun-Ae Park and Dr. Riccardo Bellazzi as the recipients of the 2023 IMIA François Grémy Award of Excellence.

Dr. Jack Li, the President of IMIA, presented the François Grémy Award of Excellence on Wednesday, July 12th at the closing session of MedInfo 2023.   “It is an honor for IMIA to recognize Dr. Park and Dr. Bellazzi as the 2023 recipients of IMIA’s François Grémy Award.”, said Dr. Li.  “Their personal commitment and dedication to medical informatics is so vey deserving of this most prestigious international acknowledgement.”

Dr. Park is the Emeritus Dean and a Professor at College of Nursing and a Researcher at the Systems Biomedical Informatics Research Center, Seoul National University.   A consistent theme in her research has been the use of standardized terminologies and vocabularies, and detailed clinical models in electronic health records. Recently her research topics have expanded to the use of big data analytics in healthcare, especially the use of clinical big data to predict the occurrence of patient safety problems such as fall, pressure ulcer and adverse drug reactions.

“I am deeply honored to receive the François Grémy Award of Excellence.  It is an even greater honor to join the distinguished ranks of the past recipients, all of whom have made significant contributions to biomedical and health informatics and all of whom I consider to be my teachers.”, said Dr. Park.  “I am greatly humbled to receive the Award in the presence of so many distinguished scholars and leaders in our profession.”

Dr. Bellazzi is a full Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Informatics at the University of Pavia, Italy, where he currently chairs the Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering. He is also the director of the Biomedical Informatics Lab at the ICS Maugeri Hospital, in Pavia.   His research is focused on combining machine learning and advanced data analytics methods with knowledge-based strategies to build clinical decision support systems, with a focus on chronic diseases and precision medicine interventions. He is also actively involved in designing IT solutions to reuse healthcare data for clinical research.

“It is a great honor and a privilege to receive the François Grémy Award of Excellence. The recognition from the IMIA community of the research results and of my activity for the Association is one the best achievements of my professional career,” said Dr. Bellazzi. “IMIA represented one the major source of enrichment of my trajectory in biomedical and health informatics, since it gave me the opportunity to understand the broad spectrum of implications of the discipline, and how it can impact in the different countries and contexts of the world”.

About the IMIA François Grémy Award of Excellence
The IMIA Medical Informatics Award of Excellence was originally established in 2001.  In 2015, the award was renamed the IMIA François Grémy Award of Excellence, to honour Dr. François Grémy for his foundational work in the establishment of IMIA and its predecessors, and his lifelong contribution to health and biomedical informatics in his home country of France, Europe, and the world.

The recipient of this Medical Informatics Award of Excellence is an individual whose personal commitment and dedication to medical informatics has made a lasting contribution to medicine and healthcare through her or his achievements in research, education, development, or application in the field of medical informatics.

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 About IMIA
IMIA is the world body for health and biomedical informatics committed to promoting best practice in the use of information and communication technologies within Medical, Biomedical, and Health Informatics.  As an ‘association of associations’, IMIA provides leadership and expertise to the multidisciplinary, health focused community and to policy makers to enable the transformation of healthcare in accord with the world-wide vision of improving the health of the world population.

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About MedInfo 2023

MedInfo is IMIA’s internationally acclaimed “World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics”. The Congress is held every two years and provides both a high-quality scientific exchange of current research and thinking in health and biomedical informatics and an opportunity for formal meetings and informal networking of IMIA’s members.   MedInfo 2023 was hosted by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), held from July 08 – 12, 2023.

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