IMIA is pleased to announce that the 2018 edition of the IMIA Yearbook, “Between Access and Privacy: Challenges in Sharing Health Data is now available on line at 

The Yearbook is made of 12 sections covering the different subfields of biomedical informatics and a keynote paper authored by Carolyn Petersen focused on privacy concerns from the perspective of patients. Among the sections, the “Special Section” is particularly focused on the special topic of the year. This year, Professors Shankar and Anderson have offered a survey about the issues of data access, sharing, and privacy in a specialized domain, clinical decision support. You would also find the papers authored by the recipients of the IMIA François Grémy Award of Excellence at the 2017 MedInfo in Hangzhou (Professor  González Bernaldo de Quirós and Professor  Lun), as well as IMIA working groups contributions, and a national contribution (Germany).

A link to IMIA’s 2018 Yearbook can also be accessed on IMIA’s website at