The Board of Directors of ICCBBA are seeking to appoint an Executive Director to take on the position on the retirement of the current post-holder.  The position is being advertised internationally and re-location to the USA is not required. It is anticipated that the successful candidate will be appointed in mid-2021.

Job Description
Post:               Executive Director
Reports to:      ICCBBA Board of Directors Chair

Job Summary:  Lead and manage ICCBBA to achieve its vision and mission in accordance with the ICCBBA Board of Directors strategy and policies.

Key Responsibilities:

Lead and manage ICCBBA in close collaboration with the executive management team;

Foster an ICCBBA reputation for integrity, quality and service;

Oversee ICCBBA’s role in the coordination and implementation of ISBT 128 worldwide;

Develop and maintain relationships with major stakeholders, such as worldwide scientific, professional and patient organizations; Ministries of Health, regulators and WHO; and other standards development organizations.

Work closely with the Board of Directors in order to develop strategy, goals and plans for the furtherance of ICCBBA’s mission;

Develop a budget in collaboration with the Treasurer that can be approved by the Board of Directors;

Direct ICCBBA in order to achieve the agreed strategy, goals and plans of the Board of Directors;

Provide regular feedback to the Board of Directors on activities and financial performance;

Ensure that all ICCBBA provided resources, human and financial, are efficiently and cost-effectively managed, and available for the successful implementation of ISBT 128 and for ongoing support to registered facilities;

Ensure that ICCBBA operations comply with applicable regulatory and professional standards, are effectively managed, and are in accordance with good corporate governance;

Ensure that ICCBBA products and services meet the current and future needs of its users;

Ensure that the ICCBBA Quality System maintains ISO 9001 accreditation.

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