About the Academy 

International leadership in biomedical and health informatics has the opportunity to encourage best practices in biomedical sciences and in the practice of health care, as well as in global and population health, education and research.

The forming of an Academy in 2017 of international leaders who focus on health sciences informatics can stimulate and guide future directions in the aforementioned areas. The Academy through its members can advise governmental and non-governmental organizations about the contribution of informatics professionals and the importance of informatics-based knowledge and provide problem solving strategies.

The International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics, established in 2017 through the auspice of IMIA, the International Medical Informatics Association, and as a component of this Association, is similar to other national academies of sciences. It will seek to nominate and elect those whose contributions in informatics are recognized internationally. The goal is to promote the dissemination of knowledge and best practices, foster new ideas, and encourage worldwide collaboration and sharing of expertise and resources.