The International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics (IAHSI) has launched a new podcast series, Exploring Healthcare Interoperability. Produced in collaboration with HL7 International and HL7 Argentina, the series will interview experts on healthcare data standards and interoperability from around the world. The series is produced by IAHSI fellows Ed Hammond and Diego Kaminker, who both have been in involved in healthcare interoperability for several decades.

Two episodes of the podcast series have been posted. The first interviews Ed Hammond and provides a historical perspective on interoperability over the years. The second interviews IAHSI fellows Beatriz de Faria Leão and Lincoln Moura of Brazil, who describe standards and interoperability history and current efforts in their country. Future episodes will interview informatics leaders from other countries who will describe their efforts.

The podcasts can be accessed at the following sites:

This podcast series is a product of IAHSI, the Academy of IMIA, an honorific society of leaders in biomedical and health informatics from around the world. Current activities of IAHSI include standing up panels in key areas of informatics, who will provide leadership and dissemination of knowledge. Other panels are being formed around artificial intelligence and computational knowledge.