Chair: (2023-2026)
Dr. Amnon Shabo (Shvo) ,
Research Associate, Haifa University
Haifa, Israel

Vice-chair: (2023-2026)
Dr. William Yasnoff,
President and CEO, Health Record Banking Alliance
Arlington, VA, USA

Goals of the Working Group
Studying sustainability models of health records (patient/individual-centric, longitudinal, cross-institutional and interoperable), with an emphasis on the health record banking model, which is focused on the following key principles:
1. independent/trusted organizations that curate and manage the records on behalf ofpatients and make it available to all authorized parties
2. the records of each patient are logically aggregated in one place (but not all patientrecords are in the same place thanks to multiple & independent banks)
3. Greater control for patients over their own records with no need for globally unique patient’s id

Past Activities

  1. Organized an HRB panel discussion at the MedInfo 2013 in Copenhagen
  2. Published a Focus Theme on Health Record Banking in the Methods of Information in Medicine journal, see here.
  3. Presented HRB at the EFMI HIME WG workshop at the EFMI STC 2014 in Budapest
  4. Organized an HRB workshop at the EFMI MIE 2014 in Istanbul
  5. Organized an HRB Day at the WCIT conference in Mexico, for more details see here.

Ongoing Activities

  1. Promote legislation change that will give rise to HRB establishment
  2. Promote international collaboration on HRB, especially between existing HRB experiences in Europe and the US
  3. Foster HRB initiatives around the globe
  4. Work with the HRB Alliance (
1. HRB Alliance –
2. Blog on Independent Health Records Banks –
3. Lower Saxony Bank of health (in German) –

Annual Reports