IMIA Representative
Dr. Inga Hunter

IMIA Nursing Informatics SIG Representative
Michelle Honey

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Health Informatics New Zealand

Founded in 2000, Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the field of health informatics, with a focus on events and professional development. Its annual conference is the largest digital health event in New Zealand and it has an extensive archive of expert presentations on digital health. HiNZ members include health sector managers, clinicians, IT experts, industry managers, academics, students, and government personnel. HiNZ builds and strengthens connections between these groups and provides an impartial meeting place for sharing ideas and building knowledge about the use of information and technology in the health sector. The organisation is an incorporated society with a volunteer elected board and a paid management team. We are New Zealand’s meeting place for digital health.

VISION: To be respected within the health and IT sectors as a credible and inclusive organisation, that enables information sharing and professional development in digital health.

MISSION: The purpose of HiNZ is to foster throughout New Zealand the development of knowledge and the utilisation of Informatics within all areas of clinical practice, education, research and the provision of healthcare generally.


1. To enable a diverse group of professionals to collaborate on health informatics issues.

2. To provide a platform for the distribution of information about best practice in health informatics.

3. To support the professional development needs of members in the field of health informatics.

4. To encourage more people to develop dual expertise in health and information technology

5. To raise awareness of the value that health informatics brings to the health sector.