Chair: (2017-2020)
Raymond Francis R. Sarmiento, MD
National Telehealth Center, National Institutes of Health
University of the Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Vice-chair: (2017-2020)
Carlos Otero, MD, MS
Department of Health Informatics
Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Define the sub-domain of “health informatics for development” as it pertains to its parent “biomedical and health informatics” and as it relates to specific issues in low-to-medium income countries (LMICs)
  • Characterize the unique issues in health informatics experienced by LMICs such as those found in the social, political, and economic contexts
  • Identify best practice and lessons learned in health informatics that LMICs can adopt in order to build cost-effective health information systems
  • Connect developed and developing country health informatics experts for possible partnerships and collaborations
  • Redefine standards and interoperability in the context of the needs of LMICs
  • Identify innovations such as mobile health that make it possible for LMICs to design and implement health information systems at a cost they can afford

Annual Reports