IMIA’s legal status is that of a not-for-profit association, incorporated by Articles of Association under the Laws of Switzerland – Swiss Civil Code, Article 60.   Revised Statutes were formally approved by the IMIA General Assembly at its meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010.   Read More…


The General Assembly is the ultimate authority in the conduct of IMIA’s affairs, notwithstanding those aspects, the General Assembly is represented by the IMIA Board to conduct ongoing business and directives through out the year.  Read More…

The Board of IMIA, elected by the General Assembly, conducts the association’s affairs. The day-to-day operations are supported by the association’s CEO and office. The current Board is listed here.

The officers of the Board and IMIA’s vice presidents vigorously pursue IMIA’s mission to:

  • Monitor the range of special interest areas and focus support on new developments.
  • Capitalize on the synergies and collective resources of IMIA’s constituents.
  • Minimize fragmentation between scientific and professional medical informaticians.
  • Ensure successful adaptation to changes in the medical informatics marketplace and discipline.
  • Raise the profile and awareness of IMIA within and outside of the IMIA organization.
  • Encourage cooperation between the scientific and commercial health informatics communities.
  • Equitably balance support to emerging and existing IMIA members.
  • Establish and maintain cooperation and harmony with organizations that emerge to address medical informatics issues.
  • Continue to position IMIA as the gatekeeper for medical informatics issues in the international community