Academic Representative:
Prof. Dr. Otto Rienhoff
Director, Dept. of Medical Informatics, Faculty of Medicine

IMIA Accreditation: the Health Informatics Bachelor degree program and the Health Informatics Master degree program provided by the institution have been accredited by IMIA for a period of five years (2012-17).


Dept. of Medical Informatics and Medical Computer Centre

The Department of Medical Informatics is a research and teaching unit within the Faculty of Medicine of the Georg August-University of Goettingen. Leading edge developments have been digital signatures and health data cards. During recent years the department has mainly addressed the topics virtual reality and augmented reality. In regard to new developments and research the Department of Medical Informatics and the Medical Computer Centre are closely cooperating. Prof. Dr. Otto Rienhoff is head of both departments. Ursula Piccolo is coordinator for teaching in the Medical Informatics department. Both departments are closely cooperating with the Departments of Medical Statistics, Bioinformatics and Genetic Epidemiology.

Members of the department have been involved in a number of national and EU funded projects doing research targeted towards legal, structural, organisational and security aspects in health Informatics and medicine as well as education and training.

The department is part of the interdisciplinary Centre Applied Informatics of the University which offers bachelor and master degrees. A curriculum in Medical Informatics / Health Information Officer was set up on the initiative of the department.

About two to three foreign students spent a 3-months work-term period in the department every year financed through IAESTE. Based on the broad experience of international co-operation, a series of summer courses in Medical Informatics was set up; the first took place in 2001.

The Medical Computer Centre is one of the central functional units of the Medical Faculty and Teaching Hospital of the Goettingen University. It is in charge of routine operations of all in-house hospital systems and networks including radiology, laboratories, intensive care units and administration.

Well-established co-operation links exist to a number of IT companies renowned in the medical field. To keep its developments in the framework of national and international standards, members of the Medical Computer Centre are collaborating in national standard bodies, professional organisations, and strategic planning committees.