IMIA GA Representative
Dr. Laura-Maria Peltonen





IMIA NI Representative
Pia Liljamo


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Finnish Social and Health Informatics Association (FinnSHIA)
The Finnish Social and Health Informatics Association was founded in 1974 and it organised the MIE conference in 1985. After that the association’s activities decreased and it became dormant by the mid 1990s.

Since research, education and development projects in health informatics have been increasing strongly in Finland recently, the association was re-vitalised in May 2000. The scope of the association was expanded to social services informatics in June 2001.

The activities of the association focus on international relations (IMIA, EFMI and HUSITA), expanding the membership base, and maintaining a web site and an e-mail list for information dissemination. The main event of the association is the annual national Social and Health Care Informatics Research Days (SoTeTiTe-tutkimuspäivät).