IMIA Representative and President   
Dr Najeeb Al-Shorbaji



eHAD Website

Founded in 2018, eHDA is the eHealth professional body supporting eHealth development in Jordan, with membership open to healthcare and informatics professionals and practitioners. The following specific activities are stated in its statute:

  1. Support cooperation between non-governmental organizations on the one hand and governmental and non-governmental institutions on the other
  2. Support national telemedicine and eHealth organizations
  3. Promote the use of telemedicine and eHealth within the kingdom, as well as with regional and international institutions or organizations
  4. Contribute to the dissemination and exchange of knowledge, information and technologies relating to eHealth applications
  5. Promote basic and continuous theoretical and practical training in the field of telemedicine and eHealth, including its applications throughout the health sector regardless of professional or geographical limits
  6. Support daily activities relating to eHealth research and development and its application
  7. Create and provide opportunities for bringing together eHealth services users, scientists, researchers, sponsors, consultants and manufacturers and distributors of devices, equipment, software and services;
  8. Promote the formulation and publication of rules for good practices in eHealth and also guidelines and information on such practices;
  9. Support activities relating to the establishment of appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks for telemedicine and eHealth applications in the kingdom.