Academic Representative:
Dr. Jorge A González Moreno
Director, DuocUC School of Health


IMIA Accreditation: the Biomedical Informatics Technologist Program provided by the institution has been accredited by IMIA for a period of five years (2012-17).


DuocUC is a non-profit private institution of Higher Education, established in 1968 by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile with the aim of offering practical courses oriented towards educational disciplines preparing students for work which are outside the regular range of educational activities at the University.

DuocUC is established as a Professional Institute in accordance with Chilean law and state educational norms. All the study disciplines and professional and technical degrees that DuocUC offers enjoy official recognition as a result of this status.

Likewise, DuocUC, after an examination and supervision process, has obtained full recognition of its academic and administrative autonomy.

With a management model which promotes a dynamic, flexible and efficient organizational structure, the institution carries out its work at ten sites which act as operationally decentralized units; seven of which are located in Santiago and the others in the three principal urban centers of the country: Concepción, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. The organization is presided over by a Board of Directors with regulatory and oversight functions which delegates the central administrative management to an Executive Committee led by the Rector and supported by two vice-rectories: the Academic Vice-Rector and the Economic and Administrative Vice-Rector.

At the beginning of the 2003 academic year, DuocUC had 23.000 regular students, offering high level Professional or Technical study areas in 53 majors grouped under the School of Design, Communication, Engineering, Informatics and Telecommunications, Natural Resources, Business Administration, Construction, Tourism and Health; this number has risen to 41.800 at the end of 2007. The DuocUC organization is made up of a staff of 1.854 teachers and more than 700 administrative and support people with physical site facilities of more than 106,601 square meters (1.147.443 square feet)

The institution undertakes an important role of supplementary and social extension work, through its Training Units, Adult Education Programs, and the Polytechnic High School.

About DuocUC’s School of Health

One of the most important fields of professional and the technical activity in Chile is health and medical assistance. In the last decades this sector has undergone a substantial development resulting from the implementation of new health service systems, an accelerated development of health care technologies, demographic changes, epidemiological changes and the natural evolution of the medical disciplines and public health policy.

A key factor for the development and productivity of our country is its population’s health and the prompt recovery of patients. In order to meet this challenge it is necessary to have access to a wide variety of human resources, materials and complex systems of administration and coordination of such resources. To confront these exciting tasks and devise real world solutions to these challenges requires trained professionals and technicians with varied interests and specialties.

As an institution of professional and technical formation, DuocUC decided to get involved in the training of health care professionals through a School of Health which has enabled us to channel training programs leading to professional and technical specialization in the areas of prevention, maintenance and overall health care.

DuocUC’s School of Health offers professional and technical graduate programs since March 2004 aiming to enable graduate students to become part of health care teams in both private and public sectors. Our formation emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes in accordance with current standards of professional practice in different health care working environments. Thus our graduates are prepared to satisfy the demands of today’s world with a modern and dynamic vision oriented towards the solving of health care problems under the ethical principles of DuocUC.

About DuocUC’s Biomedical Informatics training program

This career is an 8 semester program which aims to prepare a professional to integrate the body of knowledge and procedures specific to health care sciences and information technologies to optimize management, quality and efficiency in health. To do so this professional has a strong knowledge base in the disciplines that support health care sciences activities, as well as management and administration of new technological tools in the area of computer technology with a focus on the same health care area. This is a professional with a particular ability to integrate work teams.

Presently DuocUC School of Health is offering its Biomedical Informatics program not only at Antonio Varas Campus, but also in 3 of the 13 Campuses DuocUC has at three different locations in our country (Valparaíso, Concepción and Puente Alto).  By 2011 we are planning to offer it at the San Joaquín Campus and by 2012 at Maipú Campus as well.