The 2010 recipients of the IMIA Award of Excellence were honoured at MedInfo 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa in September, 2010. The award is now purely an IMIA award, and the Nominating Committee comprised IMIA President Prof. Reinhold Haux, IMIA Vice President Dr Fernando Martin-Sanchez,  APAMI Past President Prof. Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li and IMIA North America representative, Dr. David Bates.

The Nomination Committee unanimously selected two joint recipients of the 2010 Award – Marion Ball and Hans Peterson.

A short report on the recipients is given in the IMIA Yearbook 2011 (authored by Reinhold Haux) [free download]. Dr Ball’s paper “Back to the Future: What Have We Failed to Learn? How Does the Future Look?”, based in her award presentation at Medinfo2010, is also available in the 2011 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics [free download].

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