Dr Lyn Hanmer received the inaugural Sedick Isaacs Award at a ceremony on 09 March 2015, at the recent HELINA conference in Accra, Ghana. As part of the award, she gave a keynote presentation “The importance of partnerships for Health Informatics development in HELINA and other low-resource settings” at the HELINA conference, and her presentation will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Health Informatics in Africa (http://www.jhia-online.org/index.php/jhia).sedick2010

The Sedick Isaacs Award is a newly-inaugurated IMIA Award that recognises the lasting contribution made to health and medical informatics in Africa by Dr Sedick Isaacs [1]. It is an IMIA award, funded by IMIA and administered jointly by IMIA and HELINA. The primary criterion for a recipient of the Sedick Isaacs Award is to recognise “an individual whose personal commitment and dedication to medical informatics has made a lasting contribution to medicine and healthcare within Africa, through her or his achievements in research, education, development or application in the field of medical informatics.” The secondary criterion is that the recipient should be a person living and working in Africa.

Several very high quality nominations were received. The aim is to present the Sedick Isaacs Award at each HELINA conference.

[1] Hanmer, L (2013) Sedick Isaacs Obituary. IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics. http://www.schattauer.de/en/magazine/subject-areas/journals-a-z/imia-yearbook/imia-yearbook-2013/issue/special/manuscript/20004/download.html