IMIA Representative
Dr. Emma Chávez

IMIA Nursing Informatics SIG Representative
Erika Caballero


The Chilean Health Informatics Association (ACHISA) is a not for profit professional organization aimed at developing and promoting Health Informatics in Chile. The association recently extended its mission by including the final goal to improve healthcare by means of Health Informatics discipline. Formally founded in 2009, currently ACHISA has 125 members. In its first years it mainly focused its activities in two specific aspects: healthcare information exchange/interoperability challenges and healthcare information security by carrying out several courses and workshops on those topics.

The association has signed two scientific, academic and cultural exchange agreements. One with Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires – Informatics Department (2011) and another one with Universidad Central de Chile – Centro de Informática en Salud (2013).
ACHISA representatives actively participate as external advisors to the Chilean National Center for the Family of International Classifications led by the Departamento de Estadísticas e Información de Salud -DEIS (Chilean Ministry of Health), represent Chile within the Nursing Informatics IMIA-LAC Working Group and have a permanent guest seat within the ACTI (Chilean IT Industry Assoc.) Healthcare Group.
On 2011 the association has been recognized by the Chilean Ministry of Health (MINSAL) as a relevant external actor for reaching 2011- 2020 healthcare goals.
ACHISA is a member society of IMIA since 2010 and also national member of ISfTeH (International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health) since 2011.

More information and contact
Asociación Chilena de Informática en Salud – ACHISA
Napoleón 3565 of. 202 – Las Condes – Santiago