Association Burundaise d’Informatique Medicale (ABIM)
Burundi Health Informatics Association (BHIA)

IMIA GA Representative:
Dr. Frank Verbeke

The Burundi Health Informatics Association (BHIA) is an independent organisation created to promote the application of Health Informatics in Burundi. The goals of the association are as follows:

  • To represent Burundi health informatics nationally and internationally, notably through the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)
  • Stimulating appropriate conditions of service for health informatics professionals.
  • Participating in the definition of standards of education and professionalism of health informatics in Burundi.
  • Promoting human resource development in health informatics.
  • Promoting the use of health informatics in the planning and delivery of health services.
  • Organizing meetings, symposia and colloquia for the discussion of experiences in health informatics.
  • Assisting members to participate in national and international meetings on health informatics.
  • Promoting education and training in health informatics in Burundi.
  • Promoting research on health informatics in Burundi.
  • To maintain close cooperation with other organisations with similar aims and objectives