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Dr Seydou BARRO, PhD, President SOBIMES




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Burkinabe Society of Medical Informatics and E-Health (SOBIMES), founded on July 26, 2019 in a General Assembly, is a  non-political, non-profit scholarly organization,  and does not carry out any union activity, neither political nor religious . The lifetime of the Association is unlimited.

SOBIMES had 142 members at its inception and continues to register new members.

SOBIMES is governed by Law No. 064-2015 / CNT of 20 October 2015 on freedom of association in Burkina Faso, and by subsequent laws and legal texts of the association .

SOBIMES can carry out any activity within its missions’ framework on the national territory or abroad. In terms of achievement, SOBIMES supports the Master of Medical Informatics of the University Nazi Boni of Bobo-Dioulasso ( ). It also works in close collaboration with the Laboratory of Medical Technology Science and E-Health (STMES) of the University Nazi Boni of Bobo-Dioulasso.

The head office of the Association is located in the University Nazi Boni (UNB) of Bobo – Dioulasso , 01 BP 1091 Bobo – Dioulasso 01 . It may at any time be transferred to any other place by decision of the General Assembly.

The main mission of the Association is to contribute to better health of the people of Burkina Faso, through the development, use and dissemination of digital tools in the field of medicine and health.

The main objectives of SOBIMES are:

  • to promote the digital health culture in Burkina Faso’s health system ;
  • to assist public authorities, including the Ministry of Health, in harmonizing and judiciously and rationally using information and communication technologies in the field of medicine and health ;
  • to promote development, execution and evaluation of research and / or digital health development projects ;
  • to collaborate with other national or international scientific associations or societies pursuing the same objectives in a formal or informal setting ;
  • to represent Burkina Faso within the umbrella associations, notably the Health Informatics in Africa – the Panafrican Association Health Informatics Association (HELINA), the International Association of Medical Informatics (IMIA) and others ;
  • to organize periodic scientific events in the field of digital health and to participate in national and international scientific and technological innovation events related to digital health ;
  • to participate in the reflection and evolution of the regulatory texts governing digital health at the national and international levels ;
  • to provide support to the authorities for the establishment of a regulatory and legal framework and an interoperability framework appropriate to the practice of digital health activities ;
  • to publish and / or to participate in the publication of scientific newsletters in the field of digital health ;
  • to respond , alone or in collaboration with other structures, to calls for scientific and / or development projects in the digital domain ;
  • to welcome students, trainees, teachers, researchers as part of mobility programs or other activities related to digital health.