IMIA Representative
Dr Philip Scott, Chair, BCS Health and Care




IMIA Nursing Informatics SIG Representative
Dawn Dowding


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BCS has a crucial role in helping to shape the future of health and care. We live in a connected world and healthcare needs to integrate with our 21st Century lives.

Integrating health and care with our 21st century lives requires information and technology systems that integrate with each other. The expertise of the BCS Health and Care community puts us in a good position to offer guidance on how to integrate local health and care economies to create data liquidity and enabling transformation in the way that care is delivered. BCS is helping to shape with the clinical professions in its active role as a founding member of the Professional Record Standards Body.

A key part of the BCS Mission is to inform the public and help ensure that everyone can benefit from IT. BCS Health and Care has a proud history of informing the public on how to protect their information. Now more than ever as the health and care sector further advances the use of data BCS Health and Care has a responsibility to inform the public on how their data will be used, the steps taken to protect their data and how they can safely and securely manage their own information.

The use of information in health care can only be fully harnessed by ensuring the professionalism of the IT workforce who create and manage the IT systems. BCS as the professional body for IT provides the support required to the IT profession, and BCS Health and Care are creating an engaging professionalism programme for the IT workforce in health and care.