Sociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde

Hosts of MedInfo 2015


President and IMIA Representative
Luis Gustavo Gasparini Kiatake





IMIA Nursing Informatics SIG Representative
Sayonara Barbosa

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Founded in 1986 with over 1540 members, the Brazilian Health Informatics Association is a nonprofit membership organization of individuals and institutions interested in developing and using information technologies to improve health care in Brazil. To accomplish its goal, SBIS may develop the following activities:
– Stimulate educational activities related to Health Informatics;
– Stimulate scientific research and technical development in Health Informatics;
– Organize conferences, symposiums, courses, seminars, and other activities that lead to experience and knowledge exchange;
– Cooperate with sister societies;
– Contribute to the definition of healthcare policies;
– Promote Health Informatics as a means to reduce costs and improve the quality of healthcare services.