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IMIA Representative:
Dr. Adam Chee
Chief Advocacy Officer
BinaryHealthCare (BNHC)



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Founded in 1986 and with over 100 members, AMBIS, the Association for Medical and Bio-Informatics, Singapore is an organisation that promotes excellence in Medical and Bio-Informatics and advances the development of this exciting discipline in Singapore. Previously, AMBIS was known as the Association for Informatics in Medicine, Singapore (AIMS). In 2003, it was unanimously agreed that AIMS should be expanded into informatics in the life science, ie. both Medical and Bio Informatics. Today, there is a tremendous need for all organisations to understand how new technologies such as the Internet are revolutionising the way they operate. The practice of medicine, life science research and healthcare delivery organisations are not exempted.

AMBIS is at the forefront of such activities and is best positioned to initiate projects in these areas. Some of the past achievements of AMBIS (when it was known as AIMS) include the successful MEDINFO conference, the pioneering initiation of Medical Websites in Singapore, and achieving world’s firsts in this area, as well as initiating the formation of the Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics APAMI by our illustrious past president, Professor KC Lun.