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About HISN

Founded in 2012, the Healthcare Informatics Society of Nigeria (HISN) is a professional membership driven Association, developed to serve the growing community of Clinical Science, Information Science, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Management Science and other health and Information Technology related professionals who are tasked with managing the dynamic Health Information Technology life cycle. It is the goal of the association to provide our members with objective insights and guidance on their career path and technology options, all of which are designed to improve the overall of effectiveness of patient care delivery by ensuring that the data generated is of a high quality


HISN has five key reasons for being:

  1. To enable a diverse group of professionals to collaborate on health informatics issues
  2. To provide a platform for the distribution of information about best practice in health informatics
  3. To support the professional development needs of members in health informatics.
  4. To encourage more people to develop dual expertise in health and information technology
  5. To raise awareness of the value that health informatics brings to health and wellness