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IMIA Society Representative
Dr. James Cimino
Dr. Cimino is an Inaugural Fellow of IAHSI




IMIA Nursing Informatics Representative
Marisa Wilson
Dr. Wilson is an IAHSI Fellow, Class of 2020 



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JAMIA – Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
ACI – Applied Clinical Informatics

About AMIA
Founded in 1988, AMIA represents over 5,400 healthcare professionals, students, informatics researchers, practitioners and thought-leaders in biomedicine, healthcare and science.  AMIA addresses challenges across the continuum of the health ecosystem – consumers and patients, healthcare providers and care delivery systems, population and public health, and basic and clinical research with the ultimate goal to advance better health, better healthcare, and improved efficiency through the use of informatics and information technology.
 AMIA supports a broad community for interdisciplinary professionals and students interested in informatics.  AMIA actively supports informatics across a continuum: from basic and applied research, to clinical practice, to the consumer and public health arenas. AMIA bridges the knowledge and collaboration in five domains: translational bioinformatics, clinical research informatics, clinical informatics, consumer health informatics, and public health informatics.

AMIA members support an array of U.S. government grant projects in informatics, including:

  • DNA sequencing analysis (to better understand mutations);
  • disease and health, and;
  • electronic health records.

AMIA members also play leading roles in:

  • moving basic research findings from bench to bedside;
  • evaluating interventions across communities;
  • assessing the impact of health innovations on health policy; and
  • advancing the field of informatics.

AMIA and its honorific college, the American College of Medical Informatics, have sponsored meetings, education, policy and research programs. The U.S. federal government frequently calls upon AMIA as a source of informed, unbiased opinions on policy issues related to the national health information infrastructure, uses and protection of personal health information, and public health considerations, among others.
AMIA and its members are transforming health care through trusted science, education, and practice of informatics.

AMIA Membership Categories

AMIA members encompass an interdisciplinary and diverse group of individuals and organizations that represent approximately 65 countries. Individual members include:

  • Physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other clinicians
  • Researchers and educators
  • Advanced students pursuing a career in informatics
  • Scientists and developers
  • Government officials and policy makers
  • Consultants and industry representatives
  • Standards developers

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AMIA Meetings and Educational Opportunities
AMIA holds four meetings per year – the Summit on Translational Bioinformatics, the Health Policy Conference, iHealth, and the Annual Symposium, the premier scientific meetings for new research and development in biomedical and health informatics. Our education, training and academic related opportunities are unmatched; we continue to develop new programs and services to serve our growing community.

AMIA 10×10 Program
The AMIA 10×10 utilizes curricular content from existing informatics training programs and other AMIA educational initiatives with a special emphasis toward programs with a proven track record in distance learning.

AMIA’s 10×10 program involves participants developing solutions to problems in real-world settings (ideally their own) guided by established informatics principles. Participants are exposed to a set of competencies that upon completion will enable them to serve as champions in their local hospitals, outpatient offices and clinics, and other health care settings to provide relevant informatics input into health information technology projects.

AMIA Job Exchange
The AMIA Job Exchange can help you connect with motivated informatics job seekers and find valuable employees to fill a position in your organization. Success requires working with the leaders in biomedical and health informatics and the job exchange connects you with potential job candidates and prospective employers.

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