Corporate Representative:
Lynne Thomas Gordon, MBA, RHIA, FACHE
American Health Information Management (AHIMA)
Chicago , IL, USA
Tel: 312-233-1092

Administrative Contact:

Patricia Shank
Executive Coordinator
American Health Information Management Association
Chicago, IL, USA
Tel: +1 312 233 1908


The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is the premier association of health information management (HIM) professionals worldwide. Serving 52 affiliated component state associations and more than 103,000 health information professionals, it is recognized as the leading source of “HIM knowledge,” a respected authority for rigorous professional education and training.

What We Do

Founded in 1928 to improve health record quality, AHIMA has played a leadership role in the effective management of health data and medical records needed to deliver quality healthcare to the public

AHIMA is taking a lead in advancing informatics, data analytics, and information governance for healthcare while continuing to lead and support world class HIM practices and standards.  AHIMA members stay one step ahead through AHIMA’s cutting-edge programs and professional development opportunities, including comprehensive continuing education.

AHIMA keeps HIM professionals abreast of the healthcare industry through resources to improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Some of AHIMA’s offering include:

  • Text books
  • Credentials
  • Live meetings
  • Online Education
  • The Journal of AHIMA
  • The HIM Body of Knowledge (BoK)
  • Engage Communities
  • Newsletters
  • E-Alerts

In addition to providing resources, AHIMA actively advocates for the HIM profession, serves as a thought leader in the world of HIM, is one of the four cooperating parties responsible for the ICD-10 coding guidelines, and leads the development of information governance principles for healthcare.

AHIMA Members

AHIMA members affect the quality of patient information and patient care at every touchpoint in the healthcare delivery cycle.  Our members perform diverse roles in healthcare and are employed in a variety of work settings, including hospitals, physician offices, ambulatory care facilities, managed care facilities, long-term care facilities, consulting firms, information system vendors, colleges and universities, insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, rehabilitation centers, and other venues·

Certifications Offered by AHIMA

Whether you’re just starting the journey or well on the path of a successful health information management (HIM) professional career, AHIMA certification in HIM, informatics, coding, healthcare privacy and security, or health data analysis is your guide to career enhancement, increased salary, and greater success in your chosen profession. AHIMA credentials are earned through a challenging program of examinations, education, and experience, and maintained through continuous review and education.

RHIA: Registered Health Information Administrator
RHIT: Registered Health Information Technician

CCA: Certified Coding Assistant
CCS: Certified Coding Specialist
CCS-P: Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based

CDIP: Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner

CHDA: Certified Health Data Analyst

CHPS: Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security

CHTS: Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist

CPHI: Certified Professional in Health Informatics


Following their initial certification, AHIMA members must maintain their credentials and thereby the highest level of competency for their employers and consumers through rigorous continuing education requirements.

Mission, Vision, Values

AHIMA is committed to advancing the HIM profession in an increasingly electronic and global environment through leadership in advocacy, education, certification, and lifelong learning. The health industry continues to evolve, and AHIMA is working to advance the accuracy, reliability, and usefulness of health data by leading key industry initiatives and advocating for consistent standards. Needs are evolving from simply translating data to turning data into knowledge that powers better healthcare decision making.

AHIMA ensures that HIM professionals are armed with the skills and tools to act as leaders, using quality information to achieve the Triple Aim of reduced costs, better care, and improved population health.