2012 WG of the Year Award

Chair (2023 – 2026)
Kerstin Denecke
Bern University of Applied Science
Department of Engineering and Information Technology
Bern, Switzerland

Co-Chairs (2023 – 2026)
Elia Gabarron
University Hospital of North Norway
Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
Tromsø, Norway

Carolyn Petersen
Mayo Clinic
Division of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics
Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Octavio Rivera Romero
Department of Electronic Technology
Universidad de Sevilla
Sevilla, Spain

Goals and Objectives:

The Participatory Health and Social Media Working Group (PHSMWG) aims to be IMIA’s vehicle for stakeholder engagement in Participatory Health Informatics and Social Media. Its membership will be international, inclusive, and multidisciplinary.

The IMIA PHSMWG will engage members from the international health informatics community, across sectors, to identify, explore, collaborate, and disseminate research on the use of social media for participatory health. Of particular interest are the drivers of change, barriers, facilitators, and policies necessary for the application of the various social media categories in the health domain.

These categories include: 1) Social Networks (e.g., Facebook); 2) Professional Networks (e.g., LinkedIn); 3) Thematic Networks (e.g., PatientsLikeMe, TuDiabetes); Microblogs; 4) Blogs; 5) Wikis; 6) Forums/Listservs; 7) Social Photo and Video Sharing Tools; 8) Collaborative Filtering Tools (e.g., RSS, recommender systems, tagging); and 9) Multi-User Virtual Environments (e.g., Second Life) 10) Social applications and games; 11) Integration of Social Media with Health Information Technologies (e.g. EHRs, PACS, SNOMED); 12) Mobile applications; 13) Wearables; 14) Other (e.g., FriendFeed).

The sectors that will be engaged and invited to participate in this group, include (but are not limited to): 1) IMIA Member Organizations; 2) Academic Bodies; 3) Industry; 4) Governmental research institutions (e.g., US CDC); and 4) Intergovernmental Organizations (e.g., WHO, PAHO, ITU, WMA).

The applications of participatory health informatics and social media will be explored with particular applications to: 1) health care delivery, 2) health care professional education; 3) public health; 4) clinical and disaster medicine; and 5) research.


Blog: http://imiasocialmedia.wordpress.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/imiasocialmedia
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3508923/


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